About Me

Just a developer keeping his mind busy.

Career wise

My career in web development started fresh out of high school. I worked with flash and dreamweaver to build basic websites. I quickly started migrating to PHP as my first web development position was in the LAMP stack. Initially my development experience was plain php and moved into frameworks such as smarty and code igniter 1.4. Later on in my career, I pick up using the Symfony 1.4 and found it to be steps above the other frameworks I was using.

My standard development environment consists of:

My production environment consists of:

  • Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Armor, Digital Ocean
  • GoDaddy and Google domains for DNS
  • GoDaddy for email
  • Ubuntu Server for Apache and Mysql
  • VIM

Me Personally

This section is the hardest part I find when writing, but I'll do my best to explain myself in four words. Friendly, inquisitive, knowlegable, understanding. There are not many people I do not get along with, excellent report with almost all co-workers, and supervisors that I work with, as well as other staff within my previous employment. When confronted with anything, I tend to think about solutions or how stuff works. This has lead me to finding out the weirdest information. For instance, when kayaking down the hudson, I noticed a ton of bricks down this small channel. Upon taking a brick and researching it, I was suprised to learn that there was a huge brick company and mill right on that channel back in the 1900's. These traits all come into play when working on projects. Sometimes being able to know and ask questions may or may not return the results you are looking for and perhaps may not even get you an answer at all. I believe that as long as you attempt and truly try, you are far better off failing then never trying at all. To try includes asking for help when needed.

As mentioned, I am extremely friendly and tend to get along with most people and always tend to have a positive outlook on everyday life. I am rather adventurous and enjoy traveling, let it be a weekend trip camping, or a couple week vacation in another country, there is something to be said about being able to experience life outside of your own bubble.

A few hobbies of mine outside of coding are; learning languages ( Japanese and Spanish, through duolingo and other various apps/ books ), painting ( Acrylic on canvas, sometimes watercolor ), Drawing, Kayaking ( but really anything to do with water, frozen or not ), and DIY projects.

I think the most exciting project I worked on was the citizens restoring congamond project. It was for a non-profit I was excited about and really wanted to shine some light on. The non-profits goal was to raise awareness and help combat invasive weeds through fundraising. Unfortunately, due to internal resources, this was unable to go live and is no longer wanted from the team.
I can't really say my hardest project was technically a project. But coming from dreamweaver to VIM was probably the toughest accomplishment. If you are not used to or know of VIM, it has an extremely high learning curve. The way this was overcome was using it as a supplemental tool on easier or repetitive tasks. Eventually learning enough to make it my primary. I have a written a few vim scripts for my own purposes and worked on macros. I prefer working in VIM as it offers the flexibility, control, and customizability I require. The main benefit of having VIM as my editor is I can edit remote files with ease and if I need the command line, ctrl z gets me there.
What I am looking forward to the most is continuing to learn to code games in Unity 3D and modeling in Blender. I haven't really made anything worth sharing yet as I haven't dedicate the time to get over the learning curve. I have a project I am working on but getting it done has proven quite challanging from a dedication of time perspective.



PHP is truly my roots in application development, it is the first piece of of my coding career. I started back at version 5.2, ten years ago. Everything was homegrown and I quickly moved into MVC frameworks like Smarty, Codeigniter, and finally finding a place in Symfony.


With over 5 years experience in GIT, it is my primary tool when developing any project. I am frequently switching between GitHub, GitLab, and custom repositories stored on a local server.


Although I am new to the scene of Django, I am finding it rather robust and easy to understand. Primarily the templating system is extremely familiar, it sticks true to a standard MVC platform. Currently, this version of the site is built and ran on Django behind an apache reverse proxy.


As an application developer, I spend most of my time in backend development. However, I am well adept at understanding, writing, and modifying most jQuery code.


I currently work on a windows 10 machine using Mingw64 to ssh into multiple local Ubuntu Dev servers. From setting up apache2 webservers; installing ssl certs, setting up vhosts, reverse proxies, to installations of applications; Elasticsearch, Beats, Kibana, Vim, Beego, Node, Python, and even managing my own dev database servers; MongoDB, MySQL, and MariaDB. I am truly at home when using Ubuntu.

BeeGO and GO

Working with BeeGO and Go has been rather interesting, it sticks mostly with the MVC and is extremely fast. My favorite thing about the language is being able to package up your site as an executable and just deploy the executable. GO seems to be a very promising coding language and it has certainly earned my attention.

Bash, Shell, and VIM Macro scripting

When all else fails and repetitive tasks come into play, I am never opposed to writing some short scripts to handle the dirty work. This includes xml linting, writing cronjobs, or even standard shortcuts, alias, or functions to make my cli life easier. I wouldn't say I am an expert but I know enough to know when and when not to use it.

Let's Work Together!

Professional Projects

Jane Iredale

Full time employee, I work on the ecommerce and order fullfilment web applications.

Application Developer

Crestview Construction
In development

Website built for a company based out of Southwick, MA. Mostly static pages built on bootstrap

Lead Developer and designer

Kirby Productions
holding site

Website built on Symfony3. Mostly static pages, with built in custom CMS to file system.

Application Developer

Personal Projects

Bring What!?
In development

Honestly, this has been a pet project of mine for quite sometime. The main purpose of the site was to allow people to know what was coming to a party, and when it was going to be there. nothing is worse than throwing a potluck party and only ending up with chips.

Owner, Lead developer, and designer.


  • About me: Friendly, knowlegable, inquisitive, understanding
  • Hobbies: Kayaking, painting, drawing, learning
  • Strong Skills: PHP, GIT, JQuery, MySQL, Apache2, Ubuntu
  • Skills: Python, Bash, GOLang
  • Favorite Editor: VIM
  • Learning: Docker, Linux +/ LPIC 1, Japanese (JLPT 5)
  • Strengths: Learner, Intellection, Restorative, Ideation, Input